I like to imagine myself, weak on a bed (been mostly dead all day), sword in hand, suddenly standing and saying with powerful emphasis, “Anxiety, You warthog-faced buffoon. Sit in the chair. I shall tie you up.” *

Ever had that day when you’re running from one task to the next, never accomplishing anything because that cassette tape is running through your mind saying, “Holy frogs on toast. I have a 1st date tonight!”

Or you’re running out the door, late for work, and the lovely construction workers decided to expand the highway entrance. “Yes, wonderful, we all want easier access to the highway. But on this morning! Right now! When I’m late!” Several screams or steering wheel poundings may follow because your body can’t handle the energy overload.

There’s always my personal favorite. You’re standing in the corner of the room, scanning for a familiar face. “Please, just one safe and welcoming face.”

At times, its like you’re at an arm wrestling contest. Before you even sit down across from your opponent, Anxiety the Destroyer, you say, “Hey, clearly your bi-cep is the size of an elephant. You win.” You run away as Anxiety holds up the golden trophy.

What can you do? How can you tie up Anxiety, that ugly fiend? In counseling, you may discover that your anxiety is linked to childhood and how no one ever comforted you when you were afraid. Or you may discover that your anxiety is linked to not trusting yourself. In counseling, not only can you learn to stand and point a sword in Anxiety’s face, you can learn to calm yourself, to gently reason with your anxious mind and body.

Counseling cannot erase anxiety from life, but it can teach you the foot work before the sword fight.

*All ideas in this paragraph are completely taken from film The Princess Bride.